PBX system with numerous features

  • Voicemail to Email
  • Fax to Email
  • 4 Digit Extension Dialing for Inter-Office
  • Direct Phone Number for Each Phone
  • Take your Phone Anywhere and Keep your Number
  • Call Forwarding, 3 Way Calling, Hold Music, Call Parking
  • Optional Call Recording
  • Optional On-Demand Call Recording
  • Staff Directory
  • Conference Rooms for Multi-User Conversations
  • Microsoft Outlook Integration
  • Virtual Extensions that Ring to Cell Phone
Virtual Business Phones

Commercial Hosted Telephone Service and Phones.

Voicemail to Email

This feature emails you an attachment that contains a recording of the voicemail a caller has left you. You can play it back on your smartphone or computer to hear the voicemail. You can also save the recording to your PC for later use or forward to others."

Fax to Email

Faxing with VoIP is challenging due to the wildly different signaling method faxing uses when communicating with a fax machine. To simplify this process, we catch the fax at our cloud system and convert the incoming document to a pdf. This pdf is then emailed to you. For outgoing faxes, we offer an optional Print to Fax feature that lets you send any document on your PC out as a fax by printing it.

Call Recording

This optional feature records all incoming and outgoing calls on your account for later review. A simple web interface lets you download the recordings and you can play them in iTunes or Windows Media Player on your PC. If you need more individual control over recordings we can offer per-extension recording of calls or on-demand recording of calls.

On-Demand Call Recording

This feature allows the operator to record a conversation mid-call. By dialing a quick code that the caller does not hear, the system can be instructed to start recording the call. When the call is over the system will email the operator the recording as an attachment.

Auto Attendant

The auto-attendant or IVR feature creates a menu that users may use to reach internal departments or hear announcements when they dial your business. For instance, you could announce a welcome to John's Tire Warehouse, and have the caller press 1 for sales, 2 for service and support and 3 to hear a directory of staff members. If they don't make a choice, they will be sent to a designated voicemail box.

Long Distance

Long distance charges are billed flat rate per minute to each region or country called. Most calls average 4 cents a minute and are invoiced as part of your normal bill. For protection from abuse, long distance call charges can be capped at an amount of your choosing.