Frequently Asked Questions

Phone Numbers

Can I keep my phone number?

Yes, with a few unusual exceptions, you keep your phone numbers when switching to a hosted service.

Can I get additional direct numbers from you?

We can assign numbers at will to you to use as you see fit. There will be a 10c/month charge for numbers above and beyond your physical/virtual extension count. Users with 2 phones but 17 phone numbers will pay $1.50 monthly for the additional numbers.

Do you keep control of my numbers if I need to cancel?

Your numbers are yours! Numbers assigned to your various handsets as direct lines are 'managed' and we control them during service. You can always port out to a new carrier without issue with a simple form. We absolutely never attempt to retain numbers that aren't on an active account with us.

What options do I have if I want to directly control my existing numbers?

Consider call forwarding from your current carrier to a new number we set up for your use. If your carrier offers enhanced call forwarding, it is usually $5-10 monthly for this service and you retain complete ownership of your numbers with no porting. Using an on-premises system instead of hosted will give you more direct control over your phone numbers.


What kind of phones can I use with your service?

Tech Connection recommends and supplies Yealink and Polycom brand phones primarily. We highly recommend the T series for Yealink and the SoundPoint or VVX series for Polycom. Many other kinds of phones and softphones will work however we can't promise all phone features or managed features will work in these cases.


What is the warranty if a phone breaks?

As long as you are a customer with an account in good standing your phone will be replaced with a working one. Just trade back the bad one, no questions asked.


Can you bundle this service with other services?

We'd be happy to do so. We can provide help desk support for PC's, backup services for PC's, managed firewalls, hosted servers, and managed WAN connections in addition to our PBX services. If you bundle more than one service we will work out a price break for you.


Do I need a dedicated internet connection for this service?

We consider this optimal and will try to persuade you to do so. If there is any heavy downloading of music, movies, email attachments, etc, the phone call quality could be impacted negatively and unexpectedly. If we dedicate bandwidth to the phones, they will be immune to any current fluctuations in quality of the existing service. That said, if an interruption now and then is acceptable to you, you do not need to purchase dedicated bandwidth from us.

I didn't buy a dedicated internet connection and now I realize there's too many interruptions, what next?

Well at this point, now we insist on your purchase of a dedicated internet link for the phones! You'll be asked to sign an understanding of service fluctuation form if you disregard our advice to buy a voip dedicated connection, which we will refer you to if you aren't happy with the interruptions. On it will be a quote for the required service and what we believe is the reasonable lead-time to get it installed. You can always install this later if you skipped it in the beginning, there's no technical barrier.

Long Distance

Who is my long distance through?

It will essentially be through us. You get a line item on your bill for it and call lists can be generated on-demand to explain what calls created the charges. On average, few of our clients spend more than a dollar or two on long distance so this shouldn't be a large 'hidden charge'.

What if my account is broken into or a staff member makes lots of long distance calls?

If your phone is compromised in some fashion or abused by an employee, we protect your account by limiting the amount of outgoing long distance charges. You may set the amount yourself at sign up and change it any time you wish via our support desk.


How long is your normal contract?

As a general sort of rule, we don't lock you into a contract with a termination fee. You'll recieve a work order good for 2 years when we send you a quote. This 2 year period refers to the pricing from us, in that our price will not change for the next 2 years after signing. Many providers and carriers slowly creep up the cost by a few dollars here and there, any price increase from us will only be after you sign a new contract with us and will be disclosed in advance. If you need to cancel service for any reason, there is no penalty.

Can I modify my own phone settings or perform self-care?

Yes you may. We prefer to manage the system and setup of phones and services to provide the best possible experience but we recognize that some clients may be quite experienced and hardly need our help to change an IVR menu. In those cases we may be willing to provide some amount of access to our web interface with the provision that any abuse of this system or simple incompetence on a user's part will force us to revoke this access. We take the uptime of your account very seriously and must take all required measures to ensure your phones work as advertised.