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A scalable, simple phone service. TCI's cloud PBX meets the challenge.

Designed to fit you

Cloud-based VoIP services are easier to manage, more efficient than landlines, and much more flexible. Our VoIP service replaces your old phone equipment with new handsets and integrates into your existing network and wiring. Cloud-based service means any location can become your workplace. Unified caller-id and menu systems allow you to present a big company image even when you are spread out around town.

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The benefits of VoIP

TCI can provide phone service to any internet connected location. You can pick up and move locations whenever it suits you as long as you have internet access wherever you are going.

Need something a bit unique? VoIP is customizable in terms of ring time per extension, assigning additional phone numbers at will, adding handsets whenever you wish, and changing your greetings and menus.

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Flexible service

Need to take calls from anywhere? Take a phone with you. Have an international office that needs a local number? Send them a phone. Or forward calls to them via a virtual extension.

Maybe you have several locations and would like them all available by extension dialing. Our hosted PBX makes this and other scenarios that would either be complicated or expensive with your local telecom provider incredibly simple.